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Adult Day Care

Adult Day Care is typically a facility that provides supervised care of older adults, providing activities such as meals and socialization. Many facilities provide care 8-10 hours a day. These programs provide care that may not be provided in the current home setting.

There are three types of adult day centers:

  1. Social - which provides meals, recreation and some health-related services.

  2. Medical/health - which provides social activities as well as more intensive health and therapeutic services.

  3. Specialized - which provide services only to specific care recipients, such as those with diagnosed dementias or developmental disabilities.

Family members typically will choose the one that will best fit the needs of their loved one. Most Care Centers provide some exercise, meals and may provide transportation.

When choosing a center for your loved one, we recommend that you visit a few and do a comparison. As well look up the center to see if they have any violations.



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