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Long Term Acute Care (LTAC)

Many people wonder what Long Term Private Care consists of and what is covered. Here are some definitions that will help you make an educated decision.

Independent Contractor based model

Caregivers may/may not be covered under accounting laws as well under your homeowners insurance. Usually there is an hourly charge for the caregiver and a separate fee to the agency. You have control of who works in your home. The Independent Contractor can work whatever hours they want

  • Caregiver may receive a 1099 at the end of the year*
  • Some caregivers may be TB tested
  • Caregivers may/may not be covered by Workers Compensation**
  • Caregivers may/may not have bought their own fiduciary bond
  • Criminal background check may/may not have been done by agency
  • May/may not have a backup system in place if someone calls in sick

Private Hire Model

This model is used for all types of domestic help. You have control of who works in your home. If a caregiver does come and work for you, a few things you may want to consider:

  • Family may/may not be the employer*
  • You pay the caregiver directly
  • Payroll taxes may/may not need to be reported**
  • You may/may not have to cover for Workers Compensation coverage***
  • If no one shows up to work you may need a backup plan
  • You need to pay for Criminal Background check
  • You or caregiver need to pay for TB test
  • You need to buy a Fiduciary Bond

Long Term Acute Care Hospitals are rehabilitation centers for a number of medically complex patients who are suffering from multiple acute or chronic conditions. Many patients require more intense therapy and in return stay longer to get stronger. For  Medicare patients, they tend to stay for at least 25 days.

Patients admitted to LTACH typically come from other facilities such as, inpatient rehabilitations centers, skilled nursing facilities and even short-term acute hospitals. It has usually been determined by the physician that a more extensive treatment program is needed and therefore transferred.

There are many LTACH around, however you must contact them to see what forms of payment they take. Medicare typically will cover the care, but for how long? Some of the LTACH may take a private pay and you may want to negotiate a price prior to being admitted to their facility.

For more information on LTACH visit www.aha.org

*Check with the EDD
**Check with an accountant
***Check with your Home Owners Insurance agent

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